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Every single workplace issue ignored is costly to your business.



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Poor job fit

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Culture mismatch

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Employee sleep in

Higher cost to business, causing others to pick up the slack and damaging entire team morale.

Troubled employee

At work but unable to fully perform duties and is more likely to make mistakes on the job.

Frustrated employee
Poor role fit

Productivity loss, low engagement, retention issues due to unmet career needs.

Abused employee
Culture Mismatch

Frequent conflicts and misunderstandings with colleagues and bosses leading to toxic workplace.

Identify real potential

Your business deserves the best talent.

Protect your company by having the right people with good role fit by leveraging behavioural science & artificial intelligence.

Resumes can only tell you about a person's past. When you're looking into the future, you need to understand behavioural indicators that can identify and predict real potential in your talents.

Searching for right candidate
Get valuable insights on your current and future talent

Competencies, abilities and motivation mix is unique to each person. Find out their natural talents that best fit your company goals and objectives.

Different qualities of talent
Identify high-quality candidates for your organisation

Select candidates with the best match between the job requirements and their talents to get the most out of every role and function.

Looking at talent insight
Make people decisions based on real insights

Leverage on insights to strengthen your strategic human resource planning to improve business value, creating a clear and quicker path to reach your company goals.

Training employee
Nurture, engage your talents to drive high performance

Focus on skills and competencies development with personalised learning path for your employees to advance their careers, get motivated and improved retention.

"Tellnsearch conducted a pilot run for the entire staff. I’m delighted to have discovered them and satisfied with their capabilities. To top it off, their mission and vision is aligned with our department."

Dr Zaid Omar
Pengarah Bahagian Mahasiswa Holistik, KPM
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Talent: Locally designed psychometric and analytics platform
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Let your data do the job

No more guesswork.

Make strategic decisions based on valuable insights from every aspect of your talent pool.

Spot talent strength
Identify strengths and needs

Look for the critical individual factors that enable high performance. Pay attention to their development needs to boost productivity levels.

Different individual capabilities
Utilise individual capabilities

Success in the workplace requires more than just hard/technical skills. Aim for the skills linked to performance and career growth.

Talent dispositional aptitude
Understand individual triggers

Get to know how people respond in different situations, how they approach it and why they behave in certain manner. Cultivate healthier workplace relationships.

Motivating talent
Find out what drives them

Capitalise on the factors that can energise a person to excel and reach peak performance. Encourage personal and professional growth.

Customer story

Improved talent acquisition.

The challenge: A private healthcare provider rapidly growing headcount in need of establishing criteria for new hire, based on current team performance benchmark.

The outcome: After identifying the required complementary competencies to fit the team dynamics of various departments, the management has a precise type of talent to look for during recruitment.

Private healthcare provider team

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