Searching for true potential
Unbiased talent acquisition

See true potential beyond normal resumes.

You shouldn't need to guess if a candidate is a good fit for the role and culture. Look at behavioural cues and objective indicators for better insight into a person's real potential.

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Matching role and culture

Get the best talent fit specifically for you.

Evaluate candidates for any role within your company - even outside the application areas. Redirect them to the best fit in your structure.

Hiring the best talent
Configure the best team dynamics
Boost team dynamics

Align the best people mix in teams.

Configure the optimum team dynamics with each team member complimenting each other's competencies and personalities to bring the best out of everyone.


Assess role fit
Role fit

Make better hiring decisions based on candidate match.

Get best culture match
Culture match

Keep your company identity safe with like-minded people.

Align personal and business competencies
Competencies map

Hire people aligned with your business competencies.

Find suitable personalities
Personality styles

Match the characteristics to support your growth.

Define individual motivation
Key motivators

Determine the main incentives to drive performance.

API integration

Easily connect with your existing applications with API.

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