This is our story.

Our journey, so far.

Tackling systemic challenge

Why do we need people analytics?

Every individual is unique. If we approach everyone equally it wouldn't be fair; we cannot treat it as a zero-sum game. These are the nuances that we aim to address to give everyone a chance at getting better.

What drives us

Reshaping the workforce.

How we work today is changing at a rapid pace. There are more data and technology available now that can improve our workplace experience and change the business landscape for the better. We are fully embracing this future.

Big Data & Artificial Intelligence

Humanizing technology.

We believe that technology is a great enabler for innovation, but at the same time we must be cautious not to overlook the human aspect that can benefit from the advancement. With big data analytics and artificial intelligence, we can bring greater good for everyone.

Founding team.

We come together bringing diverse expertise and experience, working closely with our subject matter expert advisors.

Mohd Shahidi
Mohd Shahidi Ismail, CEO

Serial entrepreneur with experience in education. Featured in ‘Top 100 Startups’ by in 2011.

Zainal Aroha
Zainal Aroha Arsad, CTO

A Computer Engineering graduate, started as Software Engineer with a financial institution in San Francisco.

Imran Hashim, COO

Former management consultant with experience in developing talent management frameworks for MNCs and GLCs.