Wholesome graduate resume
Ready for work

Boost your graduate employability.

Academic achievements alone are no longer the benchmark for a job or career. Fully equip them with real world skills and make your students stand out from the rest.

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Bring out the best

Deliver personalised experience.

Tailored teaching and learning approach to generate the most effective impact during students' formative years and beyond.

Student experience
More than academic achievements
Holistic development

More than a paper qualification.

Nurture wholesome future generations with sound values and healthy frame of mind.


Endorsed and supported by Ministry
Endorsed by Ministry

Vetted and supported by the Ministry of Higher Education.

Progressive Web App
Mobile ready

Access anywhere, anytime with internet connection with smartphones.

Big picture view
Full picture

Get student details beyond CGPA to prepare for graduate employability.

Data dashboard
Admin dashboard

View and compare by entire cohort, faculty, and student.

Personalised career chart
Career charter

Chart personalised career path and take actionable steps.

Mental wellbeing
Mind matters

Early detection to help prevent unfortunate life-changing incidents.

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